• EqualMeasures2030


    Putting data + evidence in the hands of girls’ & women’s movements, advocates & decision makers to reach the #GlobalGoals — www.equalmeasures2030.org

  • Bonnie Peet RN

    Bonnie Peet RN

  • Jonathan Tager

    Jonathan Tager

    Errant essays in film, tech, gaming. Majored in Linguistics. Not tweeting right now.

  • Priangga Narutama

    Priangga Narutama

  • Malik Ben Kirane

    Malik Ben Kirane

  • Christopher R. Roebuck

    Christopher R. Roebuck

    dad, techie, thinker, romantic, nomad, tinkerer, organic farmer, freelance technical telecommuter, laborer, dedicated to a life of service .. totally in love

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